About us

Leamington Lamp is an alternative education provider. We specialise in working with young people with autism and/or high anxiety that struggle in mainstream education settings. We work with 14-19 year olds, some of whom may have been out of the education system for some time, and engage them into learning.

We are an approved centre for Pearson and NCFE.


We offer GCSE courses in;

  • Maths,

  • English Language,

  • English Literature,

  • Japanese.

    Japanese is also offered at A Level


Functional Skills courses in;

  • Maths

  • English


And Level 2 & 3 Certificates/ diplomas in;

  • Music Performance

  • Music Technology,

  • Art & Design,

  • Photography,

  • Computer Games Development.

  • Theatrical Make Up

All these subjects are also offered as engagement/enrichment for learners that aren’t quite ready to undertake a qualification.

Pastoral Care

PHSE is also offered to all students.

Speech & Language Therapy is on offer to those have a recommendation in their EHCP.


We also offer additional activities in lunchtimes and after school. These include Experimental Music, Archery, Dungeons & Dragons, Cookery and Table Tennis.

We have a learner centred approach to teaching, and our class sizes range from 2 to 7 students per room. Our programmes are tailored to each student, and vary from one hour a week courses up to full time placements.

There are rules but it's also quite relaxed. Staff and students are on first name terms and we all share the same kitchen and lounge area at breaks.

Our admissions process is co-ordinated through local schools and Warwickshire County Council's Specialist Teaching Service, who refer young people to us that fit our delivery methods best.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to re-engage young people into education through; the arts, helping them reach their creative & academic potential, and inspiring them to become lifelong learners.


Our core values are: 

  • Delivering a student centred curriculum 

  • Teaching young people to become independent learners 

  • Fostering a growth mindset 

  • Allowing creativity to flourish in every young person

NAS Awards 2019.jpg

We WON!!!

We're really proud to have won this

prestigious award.