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Tahmina Sorabji

Preparation for Adulthood & Progression

Student Support

Luke Spate

Preparation for Adulthood & Progression

Student Support

Student Support: Preparation for Adulthood & Progression

Preparation for Adulthood and Progression at LAMP offers students an opportunity to explore personal, social, health and economic issues, one-to-one and in small groups. 


Students will be able to explore themes and issues outside of their academic curriculum with the aim of creating a stronger understanding of themselves and others, and encouraging a sense of purpose and belonging.


LAMP’s approach to PfA and Progression is unique to each individual student and is based on their needs and level of understanding, whilst challenging them to think about the world and their place in it.


Students are invited to step outside their perceived comfort zones in a supportive environment, empowering them to prepare for independent living, further education and work.


Areas of exploration include but are not limited to;


• Personal development and identity

• Healthy relationships

• Independent living skills

• Progression and goal setting

• Therapeutic art

• Outdoor activities

• Preparation for work including work experience placements

• Financial literacy

• Alcohol and drug awareness

• Wellbeing

• Off school site trips/visits