Tahmina Sorabji

Preparation for Adulthood & Progression Teacher 

Student Support

I grew up in London and always wanted to work in the arts. I originally studied graphic art at the University of the Arts London in the 1980s and worked in the field for over six years. In 1997 I developed my career towards working with children and young people and, after completing a foundation course in Art Therapy, I went on to complete a BA Honours degree in Community Art with Education at The Roehampton Institute. I have worked with various community organisations in the arts in London, particularly in youth arts provision. I also trained and worked as a Childline volunteer telephone counsellor.


In 2000 I obtained a CELTA  and taught at Westminster Adult Education Colleges teaching English to asylum seekers and refugees living in London. I went on to work as a mentor with The Children’s Society, mentoring children and young people who arrive in the UK as refugees and unaccompanied asylum seekers, providing emotional, academic and language support in school and college. In 2018 I obtained a foundation in Counselling in Schools from Oxford University. In 2021 I graduated from a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling at Oxford University.


As well as working as a PfA & Progression Teacher with LAMP, I continue to practice as a freelance web and graphic designer, illustrator and portrait artist. I've also been busy bringing my daughter up as a single parent. When I'm not doing all this stuff I love being in nature, eating cake with friends and hanging out with our cat, Robin.