Student Area

Here we provide useful information to new students. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can use the Contact tab to get in touch with us and ask our team directly.

Remember that if you're at LAMP there will always be someone to talk to.

If it's about a problem talk to Luke, Florence or Tim.

If it's about Music, talk to Pip, Louis or Tim.
If it's about Art or Photography, talk to Jenna, Meg, Tim or Mina.
If it's about Maths, talk to Simon or Florence.

If it's about English, talk to Ella or Charlotte.
If it's about Game Development, talk to Pip or Louis.
If it's about Japanese talk to Masayo, Florence or Tim.

If it's about Theatrical Makeup talk to Fran or Florence.

If it's about something sensitive or urgent, talk to Luke,Tim or Florence.

Remember, if something is troubling you, it's better to talk about it!

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