Leamington LAMP was established as an alternative education provider in 2013. We specialise in working with young people with autism and/or high anxiety that struggle in mainstream education settings. We work with 14-19 year olds, some of whom may have been out of the education system for some time. The team continue to develop LAMP’s alternative education practice using our award winning ingredients:

  • Switching young people back to learning by empowering them through their own ideas and creativity

  • Providing access to cutting edge facilities

  • Engaging young people in the planning of their education

As well as being proud winners of the National Autistic Society Professionals Award 2019, LAMP were also winners of the 2019 Education Award and were shortlisted for the National Association of Special Educational Needs Awards 2019.

Covid 19 Support for Parents & Carers

For information and support on Covid 19 visit our covid 19 support page for parents and carers.